Welcome to my website.

The purpose of this website is to allow you to download the high resolution versions of the photos of a dance show.

The steps to follow to download the photos are:

1. The available dance shows are listed when you select the “Dance Show Galleries” menu item.

The photos of a dance show cannot be viewed online. To see what photos are available you will have to download the catalog for the dance show.

From the catalog you must identify the specific folder that contains the photos that you are interested in.

Make a note of the name of the folder.

It is not possible to select individual photos for downloading – a folder contains all the photos of a specific dance piece/routine.

2. Once you have identified the photos then you can select the “Download Photos” menu item.

The folders are listed together with the price for downloading a folder.

Select the folder(s) you want to download.

When finished select the “Checkout” menu item and proceed to do the payment.

3. After successful payment you will receive a link to download the folder(s) you have selected.

The high resolutions versions of the photos are in “jpg” format (max size 2048 x 1152/1365 px) and should allow you to make an A5/A4 size print of the photo. Should you want to print a specific photo in a size bigger than A4, you can request a very high resolution version (due to the size of these versions, it will be wetransfered to you).

Please note that, when you view the downloaded photos, if your screen is not calibrated then you will not experience the true colours of the photos.

Should you experience any difficulties / problems please contact me.